augment :: (forall b. (a -> b -> b) -> b -> b) -> [a] -> [a]
base GHC.Exts
A list producer that can be fused with foldr. This function is merely > augment g xs = g (:) xs but GHC's simplifier will transform an expression of the form foldr k z (augment g xs), which may arise after inlining, to g k (foldr k z xs), which avoids producing an intermediate list.
augmentGraph :: (DynGraph gr, Num b, Ord b) => gr a b -> gr a (b, b, b)
fgl Data.Graph.Inductive.Query.MaxFlow
> i 0 > For each edge a--->b insert into graph the edge a<---b . Then change the > i (i,0,i) > label of every edge from a---->b to a------->b