hexadecimal :: GenTokenParser s u m -> ParsecT s u m Integer
parsec Text.Parsec.Token, parsec Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec.Token
Parses a positive whole number in the hexadecimal system. The number should be prefixed with "0x" or "0X". Returns the value of the number.
hexadecimal :: Integral a => Reader a
text Data.Text.Lazy.Read, text Data.Text.Read
Read a hexadecimal integer, consisting of an optional leading "0x" followed by at least one decimal digit. Input is consumed until a non-hex-digit or end of string is reached. This function is case insensitive. This function does not handle leading sign characters. If you need to handle signed input, use signed hexadecimal. Note: For fixed-width integer types, this function does not attempt to detect overflow, so a sufficiently long input may give incorrect results. If you are worried about overflow, use Integer for your result type.
hexadecimal :: Integral a => a -> Builder
text Data.Text.Lazy.Builder.Int