isEOF :: IO Bool
base System.IO, base GHC.IO.Handle.FD
The computation isEOF is identical to hIsEOF, except that it works only on stdin.
isEOFError :: IOError -> Bool
base System.IO.Error
An error indicating that an IO operation failed because the end of file has been reached.
isEOFErrorType :: IOErrorType -> Bool
base System.IO.Error
I/O error reached.
hIsEOF :: Handle -> IO Bool
base System.IO, base GHC.IO.Handle
For a readable handle hdl, hIsEOF hdl returns True if no further input can be taken from hdl or for a physical file, if the current I/O position is equal to the length of the file. Otherwise, it returns False. NOTE: hIsEOF may block, because it has to attempt to read from the stream to determine whether there is any more data to be read.