local :: (Monoid w, Monad m) => (r -> r) -> RWST r w s m a -> RWST r w s m a
transformers Control.Monad.Trans.RWS.Lazy, transformers Control.Monad.Trans.RWS.Strict
Execute a computation in a modified environment *  (local f m) r s = runRWST m (f > r)
local :: Monad m => (r -> r) -> ReaderT r m a -> ReaderT r m a
transformers Control.Monad.Trans.Reader
Execute a computation in a modified environment (a specialization of withReaderT). *  (local f m) = runReaderT m .
local :: MonadReader r m => (r -> r) -> m a -> m a
mtl Control.Monad.Reader.Class, mtl Control.Monad.Reader
localeEncoding :: TextEncoding
base System.IO, base GHC.IO.Encoding
The Unicode encoding of the current locale
package local-address
This package includes small functions to get local interface address. Version 0.0.1
package local-search
This library operates by representing metaheuristics as generators of solutions, or streams of solutions, which are themselves the result of resolving the interactions of other streams of values. The library contains combinators for constructing and managing these structures. Version 0.0.7
localDay :: LocalTime -> Day
time Data.Time.LocalTime
localMin :: State -> Result -> [Rose Result] -> IO Int
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Test
localMin' :: State -> Result -> [Rose Result] -> IO Int
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Test
localMinFound :: State -> Result -> IO Int
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Test
localTimeOfDay :: LocalTime -> TimeOfDay
time Data.Time.LocalTime
localTimeToUT1 :: Rational -> LocalTime -> UniversalTime
time Data.Time.LocalTime
1st arg is observation meridian in degrees, positive is East
localTimeToUTC :: TimeZone -> LocalTime -> UTCTime
time Data.Time.LocalTime
find out what UTC time a given LocalTime in a given time zone is
localToUTCTimeOfDay :: TimeZone -> TimeOfDay -> (Integer, TimeOfDay)
time Data.Time.LocalTime
Convert a ToD in some timezone to a ToD in UTC, together with a day adjustment.
module Data.Time.LocalTime
time Data.Time.LocalTime
LocalMode :: TerminalMode
unix System.Posix.Terminal, unix System.Posix.Terminal.ByteString
LocalTime :: Day -> TimeOfDay -> LocalTime
time Data.Time.LocalTime
data LocalTime
time Data.Time.LocalTime
A simple day and time aggregate, parameter, and the time is a TimeOfDay. Conversion of this (as local civil time) to UTC depends on the time zone. Conversion of this (as local mean time) to UT1 depends on the longitude.
module System.Locale
old-locale System.Locale
This module provides the ability to adapt to local conventions. At present, it supports only time and date information as used by System.Time.calendarTimeToString from the System.Time module in the old-time package.
unsafeLocalState :: IO a -> a
base Foreign.Marshal
Sometimes an external entity is a pure function, except that it passes arguments and/or results via pointers. The function unsafeLocalState permits the packaging of such entities as pure functions. The only IO operations allowed in the IO action passed to unsafeLocalState are (a) local allocation (alloca, allocaBytes and derived operations such as withArray and withCString), and (b) pointer operations (Foreign.Storable and Foreign.Ptr) on the pointers to local storage, and (c) foreign functions whose only observable effect is to read and/or write the locally allocated memory. Passing an IO operation that does not obey these rules results in undefined behaviour. It is expected that this operation will be replaced in a future revision of Haskell.

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