ord :: Char -> Int
base Data.Char
The Prelude.fromEnum method restricted to the type Data.Char.Char.
package ord-adhoc
A little extension to Ord Version
package order-statistics
L-Estimators for robust statistics Version
package ordered
A library defining the notion of Poset. Version 0.1
orderedList :: (Ord a, Arbitrary a) => Gen [a]
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Arbitrary, QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck
Generates an ordered list of a given length.
package orders
support for partial orders and other stuffs Version
ordList :: HTML a => [a] -> Html
html Text.Html, xhtml Text.XHtml.Strict, xhtml Text.XHtml.Frameset, xhtml Text.XHtml.Transitional
package ordrea
This is an FRP library with the following characteristics: * classical: it has first-class signals * synchronous: it has a clear notion of simultaneous events * higher-order: signals inside signals can be flattened to get a switching behavior * push-based: inactive events has zero runtime costs This package is in the alpha stage. Version
class Eq a => Ord a
base Prelude, base Data.Ord
The Ord class is used for totally ordered datatypes. Instances of Ord can be derived for any user-defined datatype whose constituent types are in Ord. The declared order of the constructors in the data declaration determines the ordering in derived Ord instances. The Ordering datatype allows a single comparison to determine the precise ordering of two objects. Minimal complete definition: either compare or <=. Using compare can be more efficient for complex types.
module Data.Ord
base Data.Ord
data Ordering :: *
base Prelude, base Data.Ord
module Data.Time.Calendar.OrdinalDate
time Data.Time.Calendar.OrdinalDate
ISO 8601 Ordinal Date format
OrdA :: Integer -> OrdA
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Poly
newtype OrdA
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Poly
OrdB :: Integer -> OrdB
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Poly
newtype OrdB
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Poly
OrdC :: Integer -> OrdC
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Poly
newtype OrdC
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Poly
type Order = GLint
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Evaluators
Ordered :: [a] -> OrderedList a
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Modifiers, QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck

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