par +base

par :: a -> b -> b
base GHC.Conc.Sync, base GHC.Conc
parens :: ReadPrec a -> ReadPrec a
base Text.Read
(parens p) parses "P", "(P0)", "((P0))", etc, p parses "P" in the current precedence context and parses "P0" in precedence context zero
parseVersion :: ReadP Version
base Data.Version
A parser for versions in the format produced by showVersion.
partition :: (a -> Bool) -> [a] -> ([a], [a])
base Data.List
The partition function takes a predicate a list and returns the pair of lists of elements which do and do not satisfy the predicate, respectively; i.e., > partition p xs == (filter p xs, filter (not . p) xs)
partitionEithers :: [Either a b] -> ([a], [b])
base Data.Either
Partitions a list of Either into two lists All the Left elements are extracted, in order, to the first component of the output. Similarly the Right elements are extracted to the second component of the output.
ParagraphSeparator :: GeneralCategory
base Data.Char
Zp: Separator, Paragraph
module GHC.PArr
base GHC.PArr
compare :: Ord a => a -> a -> Ordering
base Prelude, base Data.Ord
readParen :: Bool -> ReadS a -> ReadS a
base Prelude, base Text.Read
readParen True p parses what p parses, but surrounded with parentheses. readParen False p parses what p parses, but optionally surrounded with parentheses.
showParen :: Bool -> ShowS -> ShowS
base Prelude, base Text.Show
utility function that surrounds the inner show function with parentheses when the Bool parameter is True.
comparing :: Ord a => (b -> a) -> b -> b -> Ordering
base Data.Ord
> comparing p x y = compare (p x) (p y) Useful combinator for use in conjunction with the xxxBy family of functions from Data.List, for example: > ... sortBy (comparing fst) ...
imagPart :: RealFloat a => Complex a -> a
base Data.Complex
Extracts the imaginary part of a complex number.
isSeparator :: Char -> Bool
base Data.Char
Selects Unicode space and separator characters.
LineSeparator :: GeneralCategory
base Data.Char
Zl: Separator, Line
realPart :: RealFloat a => Complex a -> a
base Data.Complex
Extracts the real part of a complex number.
typeRepArgs :: TypeRep -> [TypeRep]
base Data.Typeable
Observe the argument types of a type representation
unwrapArrow :: WrappedArrow a b c -> a b c
base Control.Applicative
WrapArrow :: a b c -> WrappedArrow a b c
base Control.Applicative
numSparks :: IO Int
base GHC.Conc.Sync, base GHC.Conc
Returns the number of sparks currently in the local spark pool
oFFSET_Capability_sparks :: Int
base GHC.Constants

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