pass -mtl

pass :: (Monoid w, Monad m) => RWST r w s m (a, w -> w) -> RWST r w s m a
transformers Control.Monad.Trans.RWS.Lazy, transformers Control.Monad.Trans.RWS.Strict
pass m is an action that executes the action m, which returns a value and a function, and returns the value, applying the function to the output. *  (pass m) r s = liftM (\((a, f), > w) -> (a, f w)) (runRWST m r  
pass :: (Monoid w, Monad m) => WriterT w m (a, w -> w) -> WriterT w m a
transformers Control.Monad.Trans.Writer.Lazy, transformers Control.Monad.Trans.Writer.Strict
pass m is an action that executes the action m, which returns a value and a function, and returns the value, applying the function to the output. *  (pass m) = liftM (\((a, f), > w) -> (a, f w)) (runWriterT  
package passage
Passage is a PArallel SAmpler GEnerator. The user specifies a hierarchical Bayesian model and data using the Passage EDSL, and Passage generates code to sample the posterior distribution in parallel. Currently Passage targets C with OpenMP threads. Version 0.1
passiveMotionCallback :: SettableStateVar (Maybe MotionCallback)
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Callbacks.Window
Controls the passive motion callback for the current window. The passive motion callback for a window is called when the mouse moves within the window while no mouse buttons are pressed. The callback parameter indicates the mouse location in window relative coordinates.
passThrough :: PassThroughValue -> IO ()
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Feedback
password :: String -> Html
html Text.Html, xhtml Text.XHtml.Strict, xhtml Text.XHtml.Frameset, xhtml Text.XHtml.Transitional
password :: URIAuthority -> Maybe String
HTTP Network.HTTP.Base
PassThrough :: Sink
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.PixelRectangles.Histogram
PassThroughToken :: PassThroughValue -> FeedbackToken
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Feedback
PassThroughValue :: GLfloat -> PassThroughValue
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Feedback
newtype PassThroughValue
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Feedback
AI_PASSIVE :: AddrInfoFlag
network Network.Socket
AnySamplesPassed :: QueryTarget
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.QueryObjects
AnySamplesPassedConservative :: QueryTarget
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.QueryObjects
auPassword :: Authority -> String
HTTP Network.HTTP.Auth, HTTP Network.Browser
package Control-Monad-MultiPass
The MultiPass library supports a monadic programming idiom in which multi-pass algorithms are written in a single-pass style. Version
package epass
This package provides Erlang-like mailboxes for message passing. It also supports wrapping communication via e.g. sockets. Version 0.2.1
groupPassword :: GroupEntry -> String
unix System.Posix.User
The password for this group (gr_passwd)
package hs-pkpass
A Haskell library for type-safe creation of Passbook passes and signing through Apple's signpass tool. Version 0.4
liftPass :: Monad m => (m ((a, s), b) -> m (a, s)) -> StateT s m (a, b) -> StateT s m a
transformers Control.Monad.Trans.State.Lazy, transformers Control.Monad.Trans.State.Strict
Lift a pass operation to the new monad.

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