render +glut

renderingContext :: StateVar RenderingContext
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Initialization
(freeglut only) Controls the creation of rendering contexts for new windows.
renderObject :: Flavour -> Object -> IO ()
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Objects
Render an object in the given flavour.
renderString :: Font a => a -> String -> IO ()
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Fonts
data RenderingContext
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Initialization
How rendering context for new windows are created.
data DirectRendering
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Initialization
The kind of GLX rendering context used. Direct rendering provides a performance advantage in some implementations. However, direct rendering contexts cannot be shared outside a single process, and they may be unable to render to GLX pixmaps.
directRendering :: StateVar DirectRendering
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Initialization
(freeglut on X11 only) Controls which kind of rendering context is created when a new one is required.