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reverse :: [a] -> [a]
base Prelude, base Data.List
reverse xs returns the elements of xs in reverse order. xs must be finite.
reverse :: Seq a -> Seq a
containers Data.Sequence
O(n). The reverse of a sequence.
package reverse-apply
Provides a standard version of the reverse apply operator. Its definition is simply (&) = flip ($). Version 1.0.3
module Data.Functor.Reverse
transformers Data.Functor.Reverse
Making functors whose elements are notionally in the reverse order from the original functor.
Reverse :: f a -> Reverse f a
transformers Data.Functor.Reverse
newtype Reverse f a
transformers Data.Functor.Reverse
The same functor, but with Foldable and Traversable instances that process the elements in the reverse order.
getReverse :: Reverse f a -> f a
transformers Data.Functor.Reverse
package http-reverse-proxy
Provides a simple means of reverse-proxying HTTP requests. The raw approach uses the same technique as leveraged by keter, whereas the WAI approach performs full request/response parsing via WAI and http-conduit. Version 0.3.0