size :: IntMap a -> Int
containers Data.IntMap.Strict, containers Data.IntMap.Lazy
O(n). Number of elements in the map. > size empty == 0 > size (singleton 1 'a') == 1 > size (fromList([(1,'a'), (2,'c'), (3,'b')])) == 3
size :: IntSet -> Int
containers Data.IntSet
O(n). Cardinality of the set.
size :: Map k a -> Int
containers Data.Map.Lazy, containers Data.Map.Strict
O(1). The number of elements in the map. > size empty == 0 > size (singleton 1 'a') == 1 > size (fromList([(1,'a'), (2,'c'), (3,'b')])) == 3
size :: Set a -> Int
containers Data.Set
O(1). The number of elements in the set.
size :: String -> HtmlAttr
html Text.Html, xhtml Text.XHtml.Strict, xhtml Text.XHtml.Frameset, xhtml Text.XHtml.Transitional
sizeOf :: Storable a => a -> Int
base Foreign.Storable
sized :: (Int -> Gen a) -> Gen a
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Gen, QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck
Used to construct generators that depend on the size parameter.
package sized-types
Providing indices, matrixes, sparse matrixes, and signed and unsigned bit vectors. Version
package sized-vector
Size-parameterized vector types and functions using a data-type promotion. Version
sizedText :: Int -> String -> Doc
pretty Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ, pretty Text.PrettyPrint
Some text with any width. (text s = sizedText (length s) s)
sizeFM :: Ord a => FiniteMap a b -> Int
fgl Data.Graph.Inductive.Internal.FiniteMap
sizeOfSockAddr :: SockAddr -> Int
network Network.Socket.Internal
Computes the storage requirements (in bytes) of the given SockAddr. This function differs from sizeOf in that the value of the argument is used.
sizeOfSockAddrByFamily :: Family -> Int
network Network.Socket.Internal
Computes the storage requirements (in bytes) required for a SockAddr with the given Family.
package sizes
Recursively show space (size and i-nodes) used in subdirectories Version 2.1.3
Size :: GLsizei -> GLsizei -> Size
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.CoordTrans
data Size
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.CoordTrans
A 2-dimensional size, measured in pixels.
package SizeCompare
SizeCompare is a small library providing size comparison functions standard Haskell data-types. Size compare runs in O(min(n,m)) for both arguments, possibly faster. Instead of measuring both containers and comparing the result, SizeCompare iteratively deconstructs both sides of the equality equation until a conclusion can be made. A common expression like: length xs > 0 runs O(n) in the length of the list. Sizecompare runs (O(1)) in this particular case: xs |>| 0 This is still an initial version of the library and updates may follow after some more profiling. Version 0.1
sIZEOF_CostCentreStack :: Int
base GHC.Constants
sIZEOF_generation :: Int
base GHC.Constants
sIZEOF_MessageBlackHole_NoHdr :: Int
base GHC.Constants

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