unsafeFreeze :: MArray s -> ST s Array
text Data.Text.Array
Freeze a mutable array. Do not mutate the MArray afterwards!
unsafeFreeze :: (Ix i, MArray a e m, IArray b e) => a i e -> m (b i e)
array Data.Array.MArray, array Data.Array.Unsafe
Converts an mutable array into an immutable array. The implementation may either simply cast the array from one type to the other without copying the array, or it may take a full copy of the array. Note that because the array is possibly not copied, any subsequent modifications made to the mutable version of the array may be shared with the immutable version. It is safe to use, therefore, if the mutable version is never modified after the freeze operation. The non-copying implementation is supported between certain pairs of array types only; one constraint is that the array types must have identical representations. In GHC, The following pairs of array types have a non-copying O(1) implementation of unsafeFreeze. Because the optimised versions are enabled by specialisations, you will need to compile with optimisation (-O) to get them. * IOUArray -> UArray * STUArray -> UArray * IOArray -> Array * STArray -> Array