variant -base

variant :: Integral n => n -> Gen a -> Gen a
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Gen, QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck
Modifies a generator using an integer seed.
package affine-invariant-ensemble-mcmc
A general-purpose sampler for anisotropic distributions. Version
package contravariant
Contravariant functors Version 0.4.4
package data-variant
Implements a variant data type that can hold the usual suspects: scalars (integers, floats, strings), lists, association lists, booleans, null, and first-class functions. Version
package invariant
Haskell 98 invariant functors Version 0.1.0
lazyInvariant :: Text -> Text
text Data.Text.Lazy.Internal
Check the invariant lazily.
strictInvariant :: Text -> Bool
text Data.Text.Lazy.Internal
Check the invariant strictly.