chr :: Int -> Char
base Data.Char
The Prelude.toEnum method restricted to the type Data.Char.Char.
package chronograph
The Chronograph data structure adds a measure field to an existing Haskell expression.  This field will be the time necessary to evaluate the expression using an arbitrary evaluation strategy (WHNF by default). Chronograph preserves laziness, so that the work of performing the evaluation is only done after the result is demanded. If you want to benchmark your program, you should look to other packages like Criterion that perform statistical analysis of your results so you can determine how reliable they are.  Chronograph just takes measurements, leaving the interpretation entirely to you. Version
chRealm :: Challenge -> String
HTTP Network.HTTP.Auth, HTTP Network.Browser
package ChristmasTree
ChristmasTree (Changing Haskell's Read Implementation Such That by Mainpulating ASTs it Reads Expressions Efficiently) is an alternative approach of read that composes grammars instead of parsers. It reads data in linear time, while the function read has an exponential behavior in some cases of data types with infix operators. Version
matchRegex :: Regex -> String -> Maybe [String]
regex-compat Text.Regex
Match a regular expression against a string
matchRegexAll :: Regex -> String -> Maybe (String, String, String, [String])
regex-compat Text.Regex
Match a regular expression against a string, returning more information about the match.
matchResponse :: RequestMethod -> ResponseCode -> ResponseNextStep
HTTP Network.HTTP.Base
data MatchResult a
regex-base Text.Regex.Base.RegexLike
This is the same as the type from JRegex.
oFFSET_StgCatchRetryFrame_alt_code :: Int
base GHC.Constants
oFFSET_StgCatchRetryFrame_first_code :: Int
base GHC.Constants
oFFSET_StgCatchRetryFrame_running_alt_code :: Int
base GHC.Constants
package richreports
Integrated pretty-printing and error/static analysis reporting. Version
sIZEOF_StgCatchRetryFrame_NoHdr :: Int
base GHC.Constants
package synchronous-channels
Synchronous communication channels.  These are similar to Control.Concurrent.Chan.Chan, but a writer blocks until it can synchronize with a reader. Version 0.1
SynchronousWrites :: FdOption
unix System.Posix.IO.ByteString, unix System.Posix.IO
Unsychronized :: MapBufferUsage
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.BufferObjects