package typesafe-endian
This package provides newtype wrappers for separating data with specified endianness from other data of the same type with normal, system-specific endianness. Since these wrappers are newtypes, no runtime overhead is incurred. Currently the underlying EndianSensitive typeclass its instances are taken directly from the 'data-endian' package. However, if Haskell or GHC ever gets a built-in equivalent, like as is proposed in 'http:ghc.haskell.orgtracghcticket7902', it should be trivial to update this to use that instead. Version
package typescript-docs
A documentation generator for TypeScript Definition files Version 0.0.2
module Foreign.C.Types
base Foreign.C.Types
Mapping of C types to corresponding Haskell types.
module System.Posix.Types
base System.Posix.Types
POSIX data types: Haskell equivalents of the types defined by the <sys/types.h> C header on a POSIX system.
module GHC.IO.Encoding.Types
base GHC.IO.Encoding.Types
Types for text encoding/decoding
package asn1-types
ASN.1 standard types Version 0.2.3
package BiobaseTypes
Provides an algebraic ring class and instances for Gibbs free energy, partition function probabilities, and scores. Conversion between different entities is provided by a convert function. All entities are ready for the vector library. * Ignore everything except the Ring itself! Version
package collada-types
Collada is the standard graphics format for data exchange between 3d tools. As well as the file format also its representation as an algebraic data type could be used to make libraries more composable. Please propose changes. Version 0.3
package cqrs-types
Haskell implementation of the CQRS architectural pattern. Version 0.9.0
package crypto-cipher-types
Generic cryptography cipher types Version 0.0.9
package crypto-pubkey-types
Generic cryptography public keys algorithm types Version 0.4.1
package dtd-types
This package provides types to represent an XML Document Type Declaration (DTD) as defined in W3C specifications (http://www.w3.org/XML/Core/#Publications). It is intended to be compatible with and extend the set of types in Data.XML.Types provided by the xml-types package. Following the philosophy of Data.XML.Types, the types in this module are not intended to be a strict and complete representation of the model in the W3C specifications; rather, they are intended to be convenient and type-safe for the kinds of processing of DTDs that are commonly done in practice. As such, this model is compatible with both Version 1.0 and Version 1.1 of the XML specification. Therefore, these types are not suitable for type-level validation of the syntax of a DTD. For example: these types are more lenient than the specs about the characters that are allowed in various locations in a DTD; entities of various kinds only appear as distinct syntactic elements in places where they are commonly needed when processing DTDs; etc. Conditional sections are not represented in these types. They should be handled directly by parsers and renderers, if needed. Version
package haskell-typescript
Simple Bindings to the TypeScript compiler Version
package hist-pl-types
The library provides a data type hierarchy which mirrors the hierarchy of elements present in the original, LMF representation of the historical dictionary of Polish. Version 0.1.0
package hoodle-types
Hoodle file format data type including generic interface Version 0.2.1
HsExpTypeSig :: SrcLoc -> HsExp -> HsQualType -> HsExp
haskell-src Language.Haskell.Syntax
expression type signature
HsTypeSig :: SrcLoc -> [HsName] -> HsQualType -> HsDecl
haskell-src Language.Haskell.Syntax
package http-types
Generic HTTP types for Haskell (for both client and server code). Version 0.8.3
package json-types
package json2-types
1 Version 0.1

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