List of currently outstanding Hugs98 bugs:

Stop-gap bug tracking 'system' (!) for Hugs98.

A bug might have the following status: FIXED(person), ISABUG(person), FIXABLE(person), WONTFIX(person), NOTABUG(person), UNKNOWN, ASSIGNED_TO(person). Where person is the name/e-mail of whoever handled/will handle the item.

Open bugs:

  1. fundep oddity/bug.

    Status: UNKNOWN

  2. +m crash.

    Status: ISABUG(ross)

  3. Non-symmetrical ==

    Follow up example

    Status: UNKNOWN

  4. Functional dependencies again.

    Jeff seems to be working on a solution.

    A slightly similar report appears here.

    Status: UNKNOWN

  5. History sensitive inferred types with existential quantification

    Status: UNKNOWN

  6. John Hughes 19/9/2001 - Type-checker bug related to implicit parameters.

    Status: UNKNOWN

Closed bugs:

  1. Iavor Diatchki 20/8/2001 - Qualified fields error message

    Status: FIXED(sof)

  2. Hugs segfault

    Comment -- a case of just replying saying that sometimes stack overflows aren't caught in an orderly manner.

    Status: FIXED(sof) -- simple fix to the GC marking code to enable tail-call optims; causes this one to be caught in an orderly fashion, but the GC code still runs the risk of blowing the C stack.

  3. Magic "Ord" defaulting

    Status: FIXED(nordland) -- Fixed the incorrect acceptance of rank-2 types like

       (Ord a => Tree a) -> IO ()

    The parser now insists that such types be explicitly quantified, as in

       (forall a . Ord a => Tree a) -> IO ()

  4. Crash due to syntax error in functional dependency

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  5. Unqualified names in translation of list comprehensions.

    Jeff replied

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  6. Restrictions regarding contexts for existential types

    Followed up here.

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  7. Attached is a short haskell program, which is misbehaving when i run it with hugs. my version of hugs is Februrary 2000 release.
          *) if i uncomment the 'crash' function hugs crashes (this 
    is on win 2k).
          *) while the types of test1, test3, test4 are as expected,
          i cant understand the type of test2:
          Main> :i test2
          test2 :: (Num a, Functor a) => Alg b c -> a -> a a -> a
          am i doing something silly or did i hit on a bug of some sort?
          newtype Alg f a = Alg (Functor f => f a -> a)
          newtype Functor f => Alg1 f a = Alg1 (f a -> a)
          --crash (Alg g) 'x' = g
          test1 1 (Alg g)   = g
          test2 (Alg g) 1   = g
          test3 1 (Alg1 g)  = g
          test4 (Alg1 g) 1  = g

    Status: NOLONGERABUG(sof) / FIXED(???).

  8. When i try to load the following program with hugs (with extensions) version feb 2001 on Linux (kernel 2.2, i think) it exits with "Unexpected signal".
          class ?a :: Int -> Int => C t
          it seems to happen whenever i try to declare implict parameter
          constraints in a class header.  i am nots sure if this kind
          of thing is valid (extended) haskell (the intended semnatics
          was that the constraint propagets to all functions in the class).

    Status: FIXED(sof) -- outlaw implicit parameter constraints in class contexts.

  9. Pepe Gallardo 4/10/2001 - Type-checker bug (FDs).

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  10. Josef Svenningson - 30/11/2001 - Functional dependencies.

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  11. Ulf Norell - 03/12/2001 - fixST bug in win32.

    Status: FIXED(sof)

  12. Andreas Grommek - 02/12/2001 - Problem with "\t" in Winhugs.

    Status: FIXED(sof)

  13. Ian Lynagh - 09/12/2001 - Export list (,) not allowed.

    Status: FIXED(sof)

  14. Ian Lynagh - 09/12/2001 - --+ not treated as a start of a comment.

    Status: FIXED(sof)

  15. Iavor S. Diatchki - 10/12/2001 - modules & functional dependencies?.

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  16. Ian Lynagh - 11/12/2001 - Incorrect syntax errors.

    Status: FIXED(johan)

  17. Ralf Laemmel 30/9/2002 - incomplete overloading resolution.

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  18. Ian Lynagh 14/12/2001 - Hugs and local aliases.

    Status: FIXED(sof)

  19. Thomas Hallgren 15/12/2000 - More missed instances with functional dependencies.

    Status: FIXED(lewie)

  20. Ralf Hinze 19/10/2001 - Lazy conflict reports.

    Status: FIXED(sof)

  21. Functional dependencies.

    Status: NOTABUG(lewie)

  22. Parsing error with parenthesized types and forall.

    Status: NOTABUG(ross) -- Hugs doesn't claim to support these GHC extensions.

  23. Levent Erkok's "pattern matching" question

    Status: FIXED(ross)

  24. Can't reduce (Num Int, Num Int) with functional dependencies.

    Status: FIXED(lewie?)

Last modified: Oct 7 2003