mas250/HaskellCollection of Haskell Programs
39 minutes ago
ewestern/qqNo description
2 hours ago
niole/BananaGramsIt's bananagrams! Played by a haskell program
2 hours ago
zardyh/depA very small implementation of the Calculus of Constructions for experimentation purposes
a few hours ago
cortlandperry/CS-115code from Caltech CS 115
a few hours ago
noavarice/CIS-194-hw3No description
a few hours ago
krzeelzb/HaskellHaskell University course.
5 hours ago
ilya-murzinov/money-transafer-hsNo description
5 hours ago
R2ZER0/ahoyNo description
5 hours ago
Assassinkin/haskell101My notes while learning Haskell
5 hours ago


dpwiz: Best recursion schemes tutorial so far... #haskell hours ago
dyneql: one of the problems of people considering #haskell the reference language for #functionalPrograming is people in languages like #javascript get lost in intermediate stuff like #monads, jumping on the basics like this helpers …8 hours ago
mstk: Weekend project- type-safe tic tac toe impl in "#haskell" w dependent types :) … engine is ~100 lines (double if you include language pragmas); interactive console & ai logic done as well, to show it's pleasant/not annoying to use, to bust misconceptions!16 hours ago
bctellez: Playing around with some #Haskell and ByteString <-> Lazy ByteString <-> String <-> ByteString, conversions are driving me a bit nuts. Very likely I'm doing it wrong...curious what the pattern/best practice is...a day ago
emi1ypi: Everyday there's some messed up drama in #Scala. Does it ever end? Meanwhile, #Haskell debates build tools.a day ago
tomphp: Converting from `ExceptT e IO a` to MonadThrow doesn’t feel nice, but from what I’m reading, it’s the right thing to do? #haskella day ago
NotTimBook: Got briefly distracted from #SoDS18 with a tutorial on #Haskell. I don't think I'll ever have a use for this language, but it blows my mind. Learning about other languages gives me a firmer grasp on the ones I know.a day ago
Kenny_fun_works: "God you guys have made looking for a job almost FUN!" - candidate of @Functionalworks #haskell #scala #clojure #functionalprogramming2 days ago
phaazon_: And now I received #Haskell jobs directly to my inbox… Ohohohoh 2 days ago
AllureRoguelike: Allure of Giveaway! … Below GIF of a fully automatic run of the ambush scenario. AI throws explosives and thus deftly illuminates foes. #screenshotsaturday #roguelike #squad #turnbased #ASCII #HTML5 #freesoftware #stealth #scifi #indiedev #gamedev #Haskell days ago


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