temp4temp/sobelNo description
8 minutes ago
romhack/kirbyLzRleMixed LZ-RLE compression tool for HAL Laboratory games.
2 hours ago
snu5mumr1k/haskell-courseNo description
a few hours ago
loothood/hask_webdriver_exampleNo description
4 hours ago
zsamotw/somehaskellNo description
4 hours ago
merijn/timeitA simple wrapper of an IO computation to show the used CPU time.
5 hours ago
StefanKoppier/INFOAFP-ProjectNo description
6 hours ago
jproyo/market-parserNo description
6 hours ago
jet8a/haskell-tutorialNo description
7 hours ago
yamad/count_read_lengthsCount sequencing read lengths in a FASTQ file, implementation study
7 hours ago


Loxos24: R1D12 After that bad day yesterday I scheduled todays dose of coding on #100DaysOfCode earlier. Solved some #projectEuler problems and learn more #Haskell skills. I'm a bit sad to not meet my #StackOverflow goal yesterday, but tomorrow is a new chance to tackle it!5 minutes ago
shumovichy: Custom BaaS solution, 30 kLOC. Feature request: each application could be able to use separate database. Good: it is written in #haskell, safe to refactor. Bad: MonadDatabase (and similar "mtl-style" api) is a wrong abstraction.13 minutes ago
LarsBrunjes: Another highlight at the @InputOutputHK #Haskell course on #Barbados: Special guest @psygnisfive, Team #Plutus Manager at IOHK, lectures on DSL's in Haskell. minutes ago
FugueHQ: Are Monads a Waste of Time? "If the point of functional code is that it is easier to reason about, should we like Monads?" #haskell #functionalprogramming 55 minutes ago
SCourtenage: The more I program in #haskell, the more I can't stand writing code in ANY OO languagean hour ago
SusanPotter: I hate wasting time on people embroiled in personal hatred of others. Everyone's time & good work is being wasted for ego. So here's a plastic bucket to argue with, because I'm tired of being misquoted by [many] men. #haskell few hours ago
SoupEvil: Our self written papego backend runs ‘completely’ with Haskell extremely stable. We doubled our engineering staff recently (now 2), we are far from billion and we don’t make a buzz about us. I’m happy with #Haskell in production.5 hours ago
jrlarsen: 42% off everything at @ManningBooks until Feb 21. Use code wm021618lt … #golang #swiftlang #csharp #python #java #javascript #scala #Haskell #fsharp #aws #VueJS #aureliajs #React #nodejs #MachineLearning #angularjs #MEAN #MERN #expressjs #DeepLearning6 hours ago
ocramz_yo: Another day, another quarrel over the PVP and management of core #Haskell infrastructure. Please consider downstream tools like stack when you change cabal and friends, that's all.6 hours ago
herulume: let f = foldr ((++).(\n ->if n>0 then [n+1] else [])) #haskell can be beautiful7 hours ago


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