LucasFerreiraDaSilva/T2-TeoriaNo description
60 minutes ago
starcolon/functional-data-structure-challenges:godmode: A collection of code challenges solved with functional programming (--UNDER CONSTRUCTION--)
an hour ago
letaylo/Final_Redo_CS341I redo Tests from CS341 for practice
an hour ago
jpm61704/computational-intelligence-decryptorNo description
an hour ago
areteCocoa/Brainf-ck-HaskellA Brainf*ck interpreter written in Haskell
an hour ago
CLRPL/orchor.ioNo description
an hour ago
koske1814/gameOfLifeNo description
an hour ago
rbaron/advent-of-code-2017No description
an hour ago
nspin/hs-arm-mrasHaskell tools for using the machine-readable ARMv8.3-A specification
a few hours ago
jordan-jarolim/FLP1-FIT-VUTBRFunctional project, FLP FIT VUTBR, subs-cypher
4 hours ago


qiitahaskell: … [Haskell] FunctorクラスはHask圏からHask圏への関手 #Haskell タイトルは、**[Haskell] FunctorクラスはHask圏からHask圏への関手**となっていますが、 もっと正確には、**[Haskell] FunctorクラスはHask圏からHask圏の部分圏への関手**のほう47 minutes ago
real_kinetic: Links: 12/11/17 … #ai #ml #haskell #investment #blockchain #management3 hours ago
bgamari: Very impressive progress from Moritz on mobile #haskell in the last few months. …a few hours ago
Functionalworks: This company are coding in FP (Scala) & Javascript and their API compiles in #Haskell a few hours ago
amirhossein_gh: Any good reference for learning haskell GHC extensions? #Haskell4 hours ago
owickstrom: How I wish typeclasses weren't abused for infrastructural concerns in #Haskell libraries. I don't want database or serialization typeclasses in my domain code, causing weird dependencies. I am the only one rather passing an explicit serializer where needed?4 hours ago
ScalaJobboard: An innovative technology client in the fin tech sector are looking for a number of Haskell Software Engineers of various levels to join the team in London, paying £70,000 - £75,000. Apply TODAY:  or DM @_DanLawson #JOB #Haskell #UX #UI5 hours ago
atopuzov: I don't understand why I keep using foldr and reversing even though the problem is solvable by foldl and no reversing #haskell #AdventOfCode 5 hours ago
BendotK: Folding in my two favorite ways this morning: Sourdough and #Haskell5 hours ago
NodeJsQnA: What is the Haskell response to Node.js? #multithreading #haskell #concurrency #nodejs 6 hours ago


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