jeffmaner/HaskellPasswordGeneratorAn Implementation of XKCD's Password Generator in Haskell
16 minutes ago
tonymorris/papa-implementAll implemented modules and others with multiple dependencies
half an hour ago
data61/papa-exportAll exported modules
32 minutes ago
tjovanovic/TicTacToeNo description
2 hours ago
andreweduffy/echoserverRFC 862 in Haskell
3 hours ago
stla/WriteXLSXNo description
4 hours ago
p2p-education/haskellNo description
4 hours ago
Lexer747/Haskell-FractalsNo description
4 hours ago
peteandrew/haskell-raytraceA very simple raytracer written in Haskell
5 hours ago
herrBez/FunctionalLanguagesLab exercises of the course Functional Languages
5 hours ago


StephenPiment: BayHac2017 San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley #Haskell Hackathon Friday, April 7th – Sunday, April 9th, 2017 56 minutes ago
lucasoft_co_uk: RT @ThoHeller New #JVM language #ETA stands apart from #Scala, #Clojure | #Haskell #java #jse an hour ago
haskellcollect: Eclectic mix of vintage and refinished new pieces at #haskell retail studio #CostaMesa. What can we make for you? #vintage hour ago
puffnfresh: Eta #Haskell now has some support for Maven #Java dependencies via Coursier: …4 hours ago
DataHaskell: Weekly poll [Jan/16/17] - What papers are you reading related to #haskell, #datascience, #functionalprogramming and such?5 hours ago
S11001001: If you understand “associative binary function”, you are…¾ to understanding category-theory typeclasses in #Haskell and #Scalaz.7 hours ago
cengelbrecht: Bottom can be expressed in #Haskell thus: bottom = bottom ...Seriously?8 hours ago
JaiKrisPonnapan: Meet #Lux, A New #Lisp-like Language for #JVM builds on #Haskell, #Clojure, #ML … via @javaworldcom10 hours ago
gszeliga: How do type classes differ from interfaces? … #haskell #java #functional11 hours ago
LambdaDays: See @nikivazou's "Refinement Reflection,or how to turn(Liquid) #Haskell into a theorem prover"at #LambdaDays  #OMGkrk13 hours ago


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Nested types and persistent14 hours ago
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arbitrary persistent instance23 hours ago
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how to figure out the exception type for grimr2 days ago
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How to profile a Haskell program2 hours ago
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Testing3 hours ago
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