frostblooded/haskell-determinantThis program, written in Haskell, calculates the determinant of a matrix.
53 minutes ago
cleverca22/arcstatsNo description
an hour ago
callmecabman/qxoNo description
2 hours ago
0polymer0/JackCompilerJack Compiler in Haskell
3 hours ago
Alexandr-TS/SYP_2trimesterProgramming languages and technologies course
3 hours ago
Porges/connection-string-hsConnection string parsing for Haskell
a few hours ago
haronius/yesod-todoNo description
a few hours ago
aiya000/hs-idtagsNo description
5 hours ago
bprichar/haskellyfizzbuzzHaskell Test and Implementation of Fizzbuzz
5 hours ago
erickfecruz/BIGDATA2018Repository for bigdata course UFABC - Q12018
8 hours ago


koziolek: Let's learn some #haskell at @LambdaDays Workshopan hour ago
raichoo: Got myself a working Poly/ML on #freebsd. Thanks to @h4nnes for the pointer. Looking forward to goof around a bit with SML. Won't be dropping #haskell for it though :Dan hour ago
Jose_A_Alonso: A minimal (<500 LOC) programming language capable of proving theorems about its own terms. … #Haskell #Logic2 hours ago
luqui: Never realized how beautiful look-and-say was in #haskell lookAndSay = concatMap (sequenceA [length, head]) . groupa few hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: #MULCIA: Backend Haskell engineer job at Holmusk in Singapore. … #Job #Haskell4 hours ago
xah_lee: #JavaScript Tab vs Space in Source Code. new comment … #python #ruby #haskell #unix6 hours ago
kakaiya: Early 20: every line of code & variable names in mind. #nodejs dev Early 30: run complex state/mutation code in brain. #csharp #java dev Early 40: Can’t handle few variables in head. #fsharp #haskell Early 50: too hard to code, build and train models for #MachineLearning 7 hours ago
soapdog: if #elmlang had a taste, I would say it tasted deep down in my affective memory like #OCaml... I know much more about OCaml than SML, but Elm feels like them to me... I am also learning a bit of #Haskell but Elm in my mind leans more towards OCaml than Haskell. IMHO9 hours ago
Iceland_jack: You may not accept it, but this is what the IO Monad compiles to truly beautiful testament to #Haskell …11 hours ago
vincenthz: remember: use type level sized list, matrix, vectors... you may as well use python when you're using `[a]` instead of `ListN n a`, or `Vector a` instead of `Vector n a`. This is what a strong typing should be about #haskell ;p12 hours ago


Type-level map on list21 hours ago
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Kind-Functors ???3 days ago
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