Aarvedahl/wordsgameA word game made in Haskell
28 minutes ago
lokilow/FootballClientNo description
39 minutes ago
45 minutes ago
proc0/exercism-haskellHaskell exercises from
50 minutes ago
kangtae49/redokkt's redo
2 hours ago
fraser-dunlop/bbcsoundsDownload and browse files from the BBC Sound Effects Beta repository
3 hours ago
wataru86/han2zenNo description
4 hours ago
frankhjung/haskell-wordfrequencyImplementation of Word Frequency solution as described by Richard Bird
5 hours ago
4e6/haskell-perf-cryptoSimple benchmarks for cryptographic libraries
5 hours ago
paasim/breaking-scrA Haskell scraper for breaking news.
6 hours ago


nivertech: We're happy to introduce FLIP - A 1-day conference dedicated to functional programming on July 23rd, in Tel Aviv. CFP & early-bird tickets are open!  Follow @FLIPcon for updates. #FP #Functional #Haskell #Elixir #Erlang #Elm50 minutes ago
puffnfresh: nix-shell -p haskellPackages.wai-app-static --run warp #Haskell/Nix version of the HTTP server one linera few hours ago
kachayev: A long introduction to #Idris for #Haskell developers by @ko_bx. Motivation included! few hours ago
Signify_Tech: We bring you our recommended Sunday Reads, this week we hear from @yifan_xing_e, Travis Athougies, James Phillips, Matt Parsons, @diesalblaand @am_i_tom covering #Scala, #Haskell and more. Happy reading! 4 hours ago
jrlarsen: 42% off everything at @ManningBooks until Apr 25 Use code wm041918lt … #golang #swiftlang #csharp #python #java #javascript #scala #Haskell #fsharp #aws #VueJS #aureliajs #React #nodejs #MachineLearning #angularjs #MEAN #MERN #expressjs #DeepLearning4 hours ago
feilermichal: I just published “Implementing the rules of 3 Man Chess: Variant ‘In The Round’. Part 1, Fundamental Types Of Fundamental Values”. Hoping for project collaborators, especially longing for them during the next few hours. Pilot, series. #3manchess #haskell …10 hours ago
agentultra: Experimenting with procedural art in Haskell... not as immediate as using a dynamic language. Is there an incremental compiler or hot-code reloading in #Haskell?11 hours ago
TRManderson: I am available for freelance consulting work! Operations Research, web dev, systems dev, DevOps/SRE, training/tutoring; competent with a heap of langs (ask if you need to know) but I #Python and #Haskell especially Contact via or DM if you're interested13 hours ago
BendotK: Playing with particle physics #generative #haskell hours ago
Iceland_jack: #Haskell classic let 2 + 2 = 5 in 2 + 216 hours ago


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