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  Downloading Hugs

Microsoft Windows

For use on machines running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

  • Binaries, libraries, and documentation: hugs98-Dec2001.msi (1.6M).

  • The Haskell Graphics library for Windows: GraphicsLib.msi (254k).

  • The School of Expression example code (Windows): SOE.msi (954k).
    Includes the Graphics library, so in addition to this, you only need to have Hugs installed to use it.

  • Source code: hugs98-Dec2001.zip (956k).
    Not needed to run and write Haskell code, only if you want to modify or extend Hugs98 itself.

These installers rely on the Windows Installer runtime to operate. If double-clicking on the MSI files doesn't start up the installer, the likely cause is that you don't have the runtime installed on your machine. Redistributables of the runtime can be downloaded from Microsoft -- Windows 95,98 and ME version, Windows NT and 2000 version. Try installing the appropriate version before double-clicking again on the downloaded MSI files.

Notice: Netscape Navigator users have reported problems downloading these MSI files. We believe we have fixed the web server configuration problem which caused this, but if you're still seeing garbled MSI files being downloaded with Netscape, try using another web client/browser. And please let us know that this problem still persists.

Generic Unix


MacOS X (10.2)

MacOS 9 (and older)


  • A port is available from all mirrors (look for 'hugs98' in the 'lang' category) - e.g., hugs98-200112 port

  Additional documentation
  Reporting bugs

Please do not send direct mail to the authors or maintainers of Hugs if one of the above addresses would be more appropriate. We do read these mailing lists --- but so do many other people, who might be able to give you more appropriate or timely advice than us!

  Following Hugs development

For brave souls who wish to experiment with Hugs as it develops, the sources are available from a public CVS repository anoncvs@glass.cse.ogi.edu:/cvs. What you'll find there is under construction, and may break in interesting ways. You can also monitor the changes through a web interface.

There is some more information on using the Haskell CVS repository in the CVS cheat sheet in the GHC documentation. Once you've set things up as described there, the steps to build from CVS are:

  1. Check out hugs98, fptools/libraries and fptools/hslibs.
  2. Move to hugs98/src/unix and run configure, using the --with-fptools option to give the location of the fptools directory (containing libraries and hslibs).
  3. Move up to hugs98/src and say `make install'.

Please report any bugs in the CVS version to cvs-hugs@haskell.org, which also takes commit messages and development discussion.

The Hugs 98 system is Copyright Mark P Jones, Alastair Reid, the Yale Haskell Group, and the OGI School of Science & Engineering at OHSU, 1994-2002, All rights reserved. It is distributed as free software under the license in the file "License", which is included in the distribution.

Last Updated:
Nov 19, 2002

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