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  Downloading Hugs

This is the September 2006 release of Hugs, a bugfix for the May 2006 release, and with libraries roughly matching the forthcoming GHC 6.6 release.

Note: the following modules are gone:

  • Text.Regex: moved out of the base package and replaced with a new version that uses too much type class overlapping for Hugs.
  • Data.FiniteMap: obsolete.

Packaged distributions for specific systems

Each of these packages installs Hugs using the native packaging system. If you want to run Hugs without installing it, build it from a source distribution (see below).

Microsoft Windows

The Windows installer was prepared by Neil Mitchell, and includes the graphical interface WinHugs. Choose either:

Debian GNU/Linux

Modular packages for 12 architectures prepared by Arjan Oosting are in the Debian testing distribution.

Fedora Core (Linux)

Packages for i386, x86_64 and ppc (with extra libraries packaged separately, all maintained by Gérard Milmeister) are included in Fedora Extras.

openSUSE (Linux)

x86 binary (3.4 MB), x86_64 binary (3.7 MB) and source (5.3 MB) RPMs for openSUSE 10.1 have been contributed by Sven Panne. These packages include the full set of libraries. Note that foreign import wrapper does not yet work in Hugs on x86_64, so if you need that you might try the x86 version instead.


A fresh port (including a full set of libraries) has been contributed by Oliver Braun.

Mac OS X

A port is available on Mac Ports.

Packages for other systems will be listed here as they become available. In the meantime, you might like to try the March 2005 release.

Source distributions

Choose either:

The command to build is just `make' in the top-level directory. (For options, see the file `docs/building/unix.txt' included in the bundle.) Note also:

  • Some of the library packages are built only if the system you're building on is set up for compilation with certain C libraries. In particular you get the Haskell X11 and HGL packages only if X11 libraries are present, and the OpenGL, GLUT, OpenAL and ALUT packages only if the corresponding C libraries are available.

  • To build the Cabal packages, you'll need cpphs and hsc2hs. For the former, you can use either the cpphs-hugs installed with Hugs or a cpphs compiled with some Haskell compiler. For the latter, only hschs-hugs will do: the version installed by GHC produces GHC-specific output.

  Reporting bugs

Please do not send direct mail to the authors or maintainers of Hugs if one of the above addresses would be more appropriate. We do read these mailing lists --- but so do many other people, who might be able to give you more appropriate or timely advice than us!

The Hugs 98 system is Copyright © Mark P Jones, Alastair Reid, the Yale Haskell Group, and the OGI School of Science & Engineering at OHSU, 1994-2004, All rights reserved. It is distributed as free software under a BSD-style license, which is included in the distribution in the file "License".

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Sep 21, 2006
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