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  Downloading Hugs

This March 2005 release is an interim release of Hugs, targeted at Unix systems. Windows users might like to try:

Packaged distributions for specific systems

Debian GNU/Linux

Packages for 12 architectures (maintained by Isaac Jones) are in the etch (testing) archive.

Fedora Core (Linux)

Packages for i386, x86_64 and ppc are included in Fedora Extras, thanks to Gérard Milmeister and Jens Petersen.

Gentoo Linux

ebuilds for 5 architectures (maintained by Andres Löh) are in the stable and testing branches.

SuSE Linux

x86 binary (3.0 MB) and source (4.1 MB) RPMs for SuSE 9.2 have been contributed by Sven Panne. Because SuSE 9.1 has an older incompatible version of readline, we provide an x86 binary (3.4 MB) RPM for this distribution, too.


A fresh port has been contributed by Oliver Braun.


A port for 6 architectures (maintained by Donald Stewart) is in the OpenBSD-current ports tree. See the Haskell/OpenBSD page for more details.

Mac OS X

A port (maintained by Gregory Wright) is available on Darwinports.

Source distribution

The latest version, updated with subsequent bug fixes:

Makers of binary packages may be interested in this breakdown:

See the file `docs/building/unix.txt' included in the bundle for instructions on building and installing Hugs, and note also:

  • On some systems, some of the library modules using the FFI may fail to compile: please report the bug, but the rest (all the Haskell 98 modules and much more) should still work.

  • Some of the library packages are built only if the system you're building on is set up for compilation with certain C libraries. In particular you get the Haskell X11 and HGL packages only if X11 libraries are present, and the OpenGL, GLUT and OpenAL packages only if the corresponding C libraries are available.

  Reporting bugs

Please do not send direct mail to the authors or maintainers of Hugs if one of the above addresses would be more appropriate. We do read these mailing lists --- but so do many other people, who might be able to give you more appropriate or timely advice than us!

  Following Hugs development

For brave souls who wish to experiment with Hugs as it develops, the sources are available in the module hugs98 from the public CVS repository at :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.haskell.org:/cvs, password cvs. What you'll find there is under construction, and may break in interesting ways. You can also monitor the changes through a web interface.

There is some more information on using the Haskell CVS repository in the CVS cheat sheet in the GHC documentation. Once you've set things up as described there, the steps to build from CVS are:

  1. Check out hugs98.
  2. Move to hugs98 and say `make'. This includes fetching the libraries from CVS, so you need to be connected.
  3. You can now run Hugs in place with `HUGSDIR=hugsdir src/hugs'. To run the test suite, say `make check'; to check the libraries, move into libraries and say `make LibStatus'.
  4. When you're confident with it, you can go back to the hugs98 directory and say `make install'.

Please report any bugs in the CVS version to cvs-hugs@haskell.org, which also carries commit messages and development discussion.

We also occasionally make available snapshot source distributions (which include the libraries). These require fewer tools to build than the CVS version, and have had some testing, but may not be as stable as major releases.

The Hugs 98 system is Copyright © Mark P Jones, Alastair Reid, the Yale Haskell Group, and the OGI School of Science & Engineering at OHSU, 1994-2004, All rights reserved. It is distributed as free software under a BSD-style license, which is included in the distribution in the file "License".

Last Updated:
Mar 24, 2005
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