The Hugs 98 User Manual
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10  Pointers to further information


The full distribution for Hugs is available on the World Wide Web from: The distribution includes source code, demo programs, library files, user documentation, and precompiled binaries for common platforms.

There is a mailing list for Hugs users at, and another for bug reports at Admin requests (for example, to subscribe or unsubscribe) should be sent to For more detailed instructions, just send a message to this address with help in the body. An overview of nearly all Haskell related resources can be found at

Functional programming

The usenet newsgroup comp.lang.functional provides a forum for general discussion about functional programming languages. A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), and their answers, is available from: The FAQ list contains many pointers to other functional programming resources around the world.

Further reading

As we said at the very beginning, this manual is not intended as a tutorial on either functional programming in general, or Haskell in particular. For these things, our first recommendations would be for the Introduction to Functional Programming by Bird and Wadler [BW], and the Gentle Introduction to Haskell by Hudak, Peterson and Fasel [GentleIntro], respectively. Note, however, that there are several other good textbooks dealing either with Haskell or related languages.

For those with an interest in the implementation of Hugs, the report about the implementation of Gofer [Gofer], Hugs' predecessor, should be a useful starting point.

The Hugs 98 User Manual
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May 22, 1999