The Hugs 98 User Manual
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9  Conformance with Haskell 98

A number of Haskell 98 features are not yet implemented in Hugs 98. All known differences between the specification and implementation are described in this section, although there are bound to be some unintentional omissions.

9.1  Haskell 98 features not in Hugs

9.2  Libraries

The following libraries are not yet available: Directory, Time, CPUTime, Bit, Nat, and Signed.

In the IO library, these functions are not defined: handlePosn, ReadWriteMode hFileSize, hIsEOF, isEOF, hSetBuffering, hGetBuffering, hSeek, hIsSeekable, hReady, and hLookahead. The following non-standard functions are exported:
  hugsGetCh :: IO Char   -- getchar without echoing to screen
  hugsHIsEOF :: Handle -> IO Bool
    -- same semantics as C's "feof" (different from Haskell's hIsEOF)
  hugsIsEOF  :: IO Bool
    -- same semantics as C's "feof(stdin)"
  hPutStrLn  :: String -> IO ()
    -- corresponds to Prelude.putStrLn

9.3  Haskell 98 extensions

In addition to the features described in Section 7, Hugs 98 supports some modest extensions to the Haskell language.
The Hugs 98 User Manual
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May 22, 1999