This page lists various resources to help you with Haskell. Resources marked with [$] require payment.

If you are new to Haskell and are not sure where to start from, we recommend CIS194. CIS194 is the introductory Haskell course of the University of Pennsylvania; it is free, thorough, practical and will guide you from the basics to advanced features of the language.

Introductory Books for Learning Haskell

Intermediate Haskell Books


Course material created by instructors


Short, dense, classic ways to hit the ground running

Online Resources

Curated resources put together by Haskellers:

Manuals and Guides

Manuals and guides that cover common Haskell tooling:

Package and Dependency Management

The Cabal guide is a good start but there’s a lot to learn:

Library Documentation

Documentation for Haskell libraries is typically available on Hackage. We also have specialized tools for searching across it, not only by name, but by type.

Language Report

The Haskell 2010 language report is available online as HTML and as PDF. The source is available on GitHub. The differences between GHC and the report can be found in the GHC User’s Guide.