This page describes the installation of the Haskell toolchain, which consists of the following tools:

  • GHC: the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
  • cabal-install: the Cabal installation tool for managing Haskell software
  • Stack: a cross-platform program for developing Haskell projects
  • haskell-language-server (optional): A language server for developers to integrate with their editor/IDE

for Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, Windows or WSL2

  1. Install GHC, cabal-install and haskell-language-server via GHCup
  2. To install Stack, follow the Stack installation guide

Via native OS package manager

Alternatively, many operating systems provide GHC, cabal and Stack through their native package manager. The packages are often out-of-date but if you prefer to use this method of installation then you will find useful links below.

Show Linux distros







Do not use the Haskell development tools provided by Arch, they are broken. For more information see [1] [2].

Show Nix/NixOS instructions

for Nix the package manager on the distribution NixOS and other OS

Show FreeBSD packages

Show Windows packages