Haskell.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that oversees the Haskell.org website and a number of other services for the Haskell community:

Its purpose is to promote educational and scientific progress relating to the Haskell programming language and related technologies.

Some particular aspects of the work of Haskell.org include producing and maintaining material regarding the Haskell language on haskell.org and other associated websites; hosting and maintaining shared assets and infrastructure for the benefit of the Haskell community; coordinating educational activities including mentorship programs; and potentially organizing event regarding the Haskell language.

Haskell.org also organizes Haskell’s participation in the Google Summer of Code program.


Haskell.org Committee

The Haskell.org Committee serves as the board of directors for Haskell.org. Its responsibilities include:

  • setting the policy for haskell.org domain and subdomains
  • setting policy for servers owned or financed by Haskell.org
  • overseeing Haskell.org donations and funds

Committee Membership

The committee consists of 7 members serving 3-year terms. The current members are:

  • Avi Press (term ends 2026)
  • Matthías Páll Gissurarson (term ends 2026)
  • Moritz Angermann (term ends 2026)
  • Rebecca Skinner (term ends 2025)
  • Théophile “Hécate” Choutri (term ends 2025)
  • Aaron Allen (term ends 2025)
  • Tom Ellis (vice chair, vice treasurer) (term ends 2024)

Committee members do not need to be deep technical Haskell experts. Instead we look for enthusiasm towards improving the Haskell community. We aim to represent the different facets of the community. We aim to be diverse in terms of industry or research, and in terms of gender, race and location.


  • The committee’s governing rules are laid out in the Board Resolution of that month.
  • The committee uses the haskell-community mailing list for public discussion, where all interested parties may participate.
  • Proposals and meeting notes are stored in a public repository.
  • The committee will seek to reach consensus among its membership on its decisions. Ultimately, the committee will make decisions by more than half of the membership voting for a particular outcome.
  • These rules of operation may also be changed in the same way.

Committee Membership

The committee consists of 7 members. Members are expected to serve a 3 year term, and terms are staggered so that 2 or 3 members step down each year, at the end of October.

The members will elect one of their number to be chair each year. The chair is responsible for making sure that things keep moving, and to ensure that a conclusion is reached on any issues raised.

In November of each year—or if a member steps down before their term is over—the committee holds an open call for new members, encouraging self-nominations. Committee members whose terms are over are eligible for renomination.

After nominations have been solicited, the current committee—including any outgoing members not seeking reelection—selects new members with a simple majority vote.

While this has never occurred in the past, Committee members can also be removed by majority vote.


Haskell.org is incorporated in the state of New York as of November 2015.

The Haskell.org committee was initially formed in November 2010. As described there:

In recent years, haskell.org has started to receive assets, e.g. Google Summer Of Code funds, donations for Hackathons, and a Sparc machine for use in GHC development. We have also started spending this money: on the community server, on a server to take over hosting haskell.org itself, and on the haskell.org domain name. There is also interest in running fundraising drives for specific things such as Hackathon sponsorship and hosting fees.

To resolve who is responsible for haskell.org’s infrastructure development, open nominations were held to form a haskell.org committee, based on representatives from the open source Haskell community.