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There are three ways to get Haskell Platform for Linux, BSD, and other Posix style systems:

Community-supported versions of the Haskell Platform on Linux and Unix

These distributions offer the Haskell Platform in their package repositories. You can easily install the Haskell Platform through your distribution's native package manager.

Ubuntu Debian Fedora
Gentoo NixOS OpenBSD
FreeBSD Mint

Information for other systems

Arch Linux openSUSE Mandriva

See also: justhub, for RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux, and Fedora support

Generic Linux Binaries

For generic, Deb 7, style systems, you can use this binary distribution:

Success reported with: Mint 17, Ubuntu 12, Ubunutu 14
Reported incompatible with: Fedora 20

To install this, run:

    cd /
    sudo tar xvf ...downloaded-tarfile...
    sudo /usr/local/haskell/ghc-7.8.3-x86-64/bin/activate-hs


Build from source

Download the source tarball for Unix-like systems:

See the README file in the tarball for instructions.

Prior releases