Distribution packages

GHC is packaged for a number of operating systems and distributions. While they may lag behind the latest GHC release, advantages such as dependency checking and ease of uninstallation mean we recommend using them anyway, unless you have a particular need for new features or bug fixes.

Current Stable Releases

Development snapshots

One component of our build infrastructure is the nightly build system, which runs a full bootstrap and test cycle on several architectures. The source tree for this snapshot, and some binary distributions generated by the build, are put up for download. The source tree is downloaded from the git repositories at the time of the build, and will be tagged with a version number of the form x.yy.YYYYMMDD where YYYYMMDD is the date of the build. See here for an explanation of GHC's version numbering policy.

The stability of these snapshots is by no means guaranteed, but the nightly build/test logs are sent to the ghc-builds mailing list, so by watching that list you should be able to get a clue as to which snapshots are more stable.

We also offer PPAs for Ubuntu and Debian-derived systems, hosted by Launchpad.net. You can find out how to install them on your system by going here.

Older Releases