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The Haskell Symposium


The Haskell Symposium is an annual symposium organized in affiliation with the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP). The symposium is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) under the aegis of the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).


The purpose of the Haskell Symposium is to discuss experience with Haskell, and future developments for the language. The scope of the symposium includes all aspects of the design, semantics, theory, application, implementation, and teaching of Haskell.

Past Haskell Workshops and Symposia

Before 2008, the Haskell Symposium was known as the Haskell Workshop. The name change reflects the steady increase of influence of the Haskell Workshop on the wider community, as well as an increasing numbers of high quality submissions making the acceptance process highly competitive. Starting in 2019, the Haskell Implementors' Workshop has been orchestrated by the Haskell Symposium steering committee, while remaining a distinct event.

     Year    Place   PC Chair   HIW Chair

2023 Seattle Niki Vazou Ryan Scott

2022 Ljubljana Proceedings (ACM DL) Nadia Polikarpova Alejandro Serrano

2021 Virtual Proceedings (ACM DL) Jurriaan Hage Ningning Xie

2020 New Jersey/virtual Proceedings (ACM DL) Tom Schrijvers Ben Gamari

2019 Berlin Proceedings (ACM DL) Richard Eisenberg Niki Vazou

2018 St. Louis Proceedings (ACM DL), Videos Nicolas Wu

2017 Oxford Proceedings (ACM DL) Iavor Diatchki

2016 Nara Proceedings (ACM DL), Videos Geoffrey Mainland

2015 Vancouver Proceedings (ACM DL), Videos Ben Lippmeier

2014 Göteborg Proceedings (ACM DL) Wouter Swierstra

2013 Boston Proceedings (ACM DL) Chung-chieh Shan

2012 Copenhagen  
Proceedings (ACM DL)
Janis Voigtländer

2011 Tokyo
Proceedings (ACM DL)
Koen Claessen

2010 Baltimore
Proceedings (ACM DL), Videos  
Jeremy Gibbons

2009 Edinburgh
Proceedings (ACM DL)
Stephanie Weirich

2008 Victoria
Proceedings (ACM DL)
Andy Gill

2007 Freiburg Proceedings (ACM DL) Gabriele Keller

2006 Portland Proceedings (ACM DL) Andres Löh

2005 Tallinn Proceedings (ACM DL) Daan Leijen

2004 Snowbird Proceedings (ACM DL) Henrik Nilsson

2003 Uppsala Proceedings (ACM DL) Johan Jeuring

2002 Pittsburgh Proceedings (ACM DL) Manuel Chakravarty

2001 Firenze Proceedings (local copy) Ralf Hinze

2000 Montreal Papers Graham Hutton

1999 Paris Proceedings (local copy) Erik Meijer

1997 Amsterdam Proceedings John Launchbury
     1995 La Jolla Proceedings Paul Hudak

Steering Committee


The main purpose of the Haskell Symposium Steering Committee is to provide continuity of the symposium and Haskell Implementors' Workshop and to offer help and advice to the current organizer(s) of the symposium.

The responsibilities of the steering committee are:


  1. The Haskell Symposium Steering Committee comprises the three previous Haskell Symposium Program Chairs, the current Haskell Symposium Chair, two previous Haskell Implementors' Workshop chairs, the current Haskell Implementors' Workshop chair, three appointed Members-At-Large, and as a non-voting ex officio member, the vice chair of the SIGPLAN executive committee.
  2. Each year, around the date of the Haskell Symposium, the Steering Committee, in consultation with the SIGPLAN Chair, appoints the Program Chair for the next Haskell Symposium. The steering committee additionally appoints a Haskell Implementors' Workshop chair and a new Member-At-Large to succeed the currently longest serving Member-At-Large. The new chairs and the newly appointed Member-At-Large then join the Steering Committee, while the longest serving former chairs and Member-At-Large step down.
  3. The chair of the Steering Committee is the longest serving former Haskell Symposium Program Chair.
  4. Should there be vacancies within the Steering Committee, e.g. due to a member stepping down early, the Steering Committee appoints members to fill the vacancies and, if necessary, decides on the succession ordering.

Current Members

   Trevor L. McDonell   Utrecht University, Netherlands   HS Chair 2024 end of term 2027
   Niki Vazou   IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid, Spain   HS Chair 2023 end of term 2026
   Nadia Polikarpova   University of California, San Diego   HS Chair 2022 end of term 2025
   Jurriaan Hage   Utrecht University HS Chair 2021 end of term 2024
   Tom Schrijvers   KU Leuven HS Chair 2020 end of term 2023
   Alejandro Serrano   47 Degrees HIW Chair 2022 end of term 2024
   Ningning Xie   University of Hong Kong HIW Chair 2021 end of term 2023
   Ben Gamari   Well-Typed LLC HIW Chair 2020 end of term 2022
   Simon Peyton Jones      Member-At-Large   end of term 2024
   Youyou Cong   Tokyo Institute of Technology   Member-At-Large   end of term 2023
   Conal Elliott Member-At-Large   end of term 2022
   Anders Møller Aarhus University Ex officio member   end of term 2024

Past Members

Past members include the Programme Committee chairs of prior iterations of the Haskell Symposium, the Programme Committee chairs of prior iterations of the Haskell Implementors' Workshop (starting in 2019), as well as the following Members-At-Large.

Richard A. Eisenberg 2019 - 2022

Stephanie Weirich 2018 - 2021

Niki Vazou 2017 - 2020

Duncan Coutts 2016 - 2019

Simon Marlow 2015 - 2018

Kathleen Fisher 2014 - 2017

Zhenjiang Hu 2013 - 2016

Bruno Oliveira 2012 - 2015

Lennart Augustsson 2011 - 2014

Mark Jones 2010 - 2013

Peter Thiemann 2009 - 2012

John Hughes 2008 - 2011

Colin Runciman 2007 - 2010

Doaitse Swierstra 2006 - 2009

Manuel Chakravarty  2005 - 2008
   John Launchbury 2004 - 2007

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for the technical content of the Haskell Symposium. The Haskell Symposium Program Chair, with the approval of the Steering Committee, appoints the Program Committee and leads its work.